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VC Fundamentals


A free 5-day email course to learn more about how VCs think and work. Simple format: 5 days, 5 mins/day.

MerciVC - Brighteye

Edtech Fundraising



A free 3-day email course (beta) to prepare your upcoming fundraising process. Simple format: 3 days, ~6 mins/day.

MerciVC - Brighteye

"The world's best 80s-themed email VC courses"

MerciVC - Brighteye




VC Fundamentals

VC Fundamentals

MerciVC - Brighteye

Learn about the world of VC in 5 days for 5 mins per day.

What you'll learn

  • Monday: What is VC

  • Tuesday: VC portfolio simulation

  • Wednesday: Finding companies

  • Thursday: Cherry-picking companies

  • Friday: Investing in & working with founders

How does it work?

  • The course starts on Mondays and ends on Fridays

  • You'll receive 5 emails, one each morning, with short quizzes to validate your knowledge

  • You'll need 5 mins per day for 5 days

Who is this course for?

For founders, operators, aspiring VCs and people with an interest in VC who are looking to learn more about this sometimes-opaque world. You don't need prior VC knowledge to enrol. 

Fundraising Course

Edtech fundraising

MerciVC - Brighteye

Get practical advice on how to prepare for your fundraising (pre-series B).

What you'll learn (beta version)

  • Day 1: Why you should raise, whether you're truly ready, materials (templates)

  • Day 2: How to find and reach out to investors, how to create a blurb, psychology behind the process, etc.

  • Day 3: Preparing for your VC meetings and 5 fatal mistakes

How does it work?

You'll receive 3 emails over 3 days and the course starts right away. You'll need 6-8 mins per day and by the end of the course, you will have the option to continue the conversation with the Brighteye investment team to see if there is a fit.

Who is this course for?

  • For Edtech founders who are preparing to raise a Seed/Series A round. For founders who are not operating in the Edtech space, we believe that 90% of the content is still relevant for any sector

  • For founders who are raising a pre-seed round, we still encourage you to join. Please note that the content is focused towards seed and series A rounds but we can say with a high degree of certainty that a big part is still relevant for pre-seed founders.

What is the time commitment for this course?

~6mins / day for 3 days. We know you are busy so we have condensed years of experience into these short emails.

Why you should join the course

1. Save time: we focus on what we believe is essential for your fundraising.

2. Access relevant knowledge: we have reviewed thousands of Edtech startups since 2018 and have invested in 45+ companies. On top of that we have asked a few selected European edtech founders who have raised big rounds to share insights and practical tips as well.

3. Increase your success rate (hopefully!): we help you understand what VCs expect from you.


We believe that by the end of the course, you'll feel as confident as Patrick Bateman (😉) when starting your roadshow.


About Brighteye

Brighteye is Europe's most active Edtech-focused VC fund that invests in Seed and Series A stage companies. The team is committed to helping the edtech ecosystem flourish by sharing knowledge with the community. These two courses were crafted by David (Principal at Brighteye) with the help of the whole Brighteye team and a few edtech founders. The content is based on the years of knowledge acquired by the Brighteye team.

The courses are free and as a gesture, the Brighteye team highly encourages you to donate to a charitable cause. More info after subscribing to one of the courses.

MerciVC - Brighteye
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